Thursday, December 5, 2013

Defeated ~

I will warn you...this is a sad story. Not a sad story like someone died or is sick or lost a job or anything like that. Really, in the grand scheme of things this is minor, but this is my reality right now and I'm about ready to give in to defeat.

This is not like me. I'm usually pretty tenacious. I'm usually up for a challenge, but I started getting sick of this challenge about a week ago...

It all started when I put the bottom layer of the Christmas tree up and realized we had several lights out. This is usually not a big deal. My mom is a Christmas tree light pro so I grew up learning how to repair, replace, re-whatever the Christmas lights. So K and I went to checking bulbs. After about an hour, we realized we were in for a giant job. We made a trip to town for a few new strands of lights to replace burned out bulbs. (Did you know it's cheaper to buy a strand of lights to use for replacement bulbs than it is to buy the little packets? Did you also know that not all lights are the same and may not fit your strand, but wait I'm getting ahead of myself.) We also made a little side trip to our favorite sushi restaurant. So thankful my girl loves sushi. :)

We got home (keep in mind we live about 15 miles from the Christmas tree light store) only to realize they were not the right bulbs. So, we took a time out and went and ate steak at a friend's house. First sushi, then steak, I must be doing something right.

Fast forward to the next day when we go to the local craft store (the same day everyone else in creation also decided to go to the craft store) to buy the right lights. We got back home, continued checking and replacing bulbs only to discover that nothing we were doing was helping to solve the problem. So, I took another time out, posted a few somewhat negative status updates and wallowed in self pity.

The next day when the mighty hunters got back from the deer lease I tried my best to explain the problems we were having. Of course my Mr. Fixit goes to work only to realize there is no fixing this problem. Every once in a while even he knows when he's been defeated.

We decided to take the old lights off the tree (the lights that, I'm convinced, were put on by evil elves) and buy new lights for the tree. We really do like our tree. :) 

So the next day I took my eldest to town to see Catching Fire (awesome movie btw) and shop for Christmas tree lights. This was the day my pre-teen son decided to start his frugal lifestyle. We I was trying to decide which lights I liked best while he was crunching the numbers on his phone's calculator. He chose which lights we needed based on price which were NOT the lights I thought we needed. Needless to say, he was convinced his Dad was going to flip when he saw how much I spent on new lights. You have to understand, at this point I was not concerned about cost point, I just wanted a tree with lights that worked!

We got home and I went to work taking the %@*^$ lights off the tree. There may or may not have been tears involved. My son may or may not have thought his mom was loosing her mind.

I finally got the old lights off and the new lights on and even though I really didn't like the new lights I was slightly proud and extremely relieved to have gotten it done. In walked my husband who, after one look at the tree, tells me he doesn't like it and we should just go look for a new tree. To this I said "Good!" because I don't like the lights either! And so what that I just spent two days of my life I will never get back...

Let's skip a few details and talk about today (right this minute to be exact) I just finished putting the cutest little dome LED lights on the tree we've had for 5 years. I love the lights! They are bright and sparkly and perfect, except...are you ready for this? I looked down and noticed a strand on the very bottom is not working. Defeated.

Hopefully my wonderful husband can come in and save the day, the tree and Christmas because I'm ready to pull a Krank and just go on a cruise this year!


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