Friday, April 22, 2011

It worked ~ It worked :)

I've said it before and I will say it again ~ I love it when things work! What's even better is I'm usually learning something in the process. It's funny, but I find myself thinking more and more the closer I get to 40 that if I had had the desire to learn twenty years ago that I do now there's no telling what I could have been. Don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly happy with who I've become and what I do with my days, but the amount of info out there on whatever topic of interest you may have is overwhelming.

I'm so happy with the blog header I created in Photoshop. I've been playing around with photoshop for about  5 years and what's so fun about it is I do learn something new everytime I sit down to mess with it. I am so thankful for the Clover Lane blog for posting the intructions on how to find the Minima Stretch blog template. My blog kinda fell by the wayside when I couldn't figure out how to utilize that template. The other day I decided to give it another shot and found the intructions ~ I was so happy!

I have several blog topics swimming around in my head and while some people might think it's silly to spend time writing something that might never be read, to me it's therapy for my soul. So, if you read it fine ~ if you don't fine. This blog is strictly to satisfy my selfish need to get my words out. I hope somewhere in the middle of it all you can find a little enjoyment ~

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  1. OK...So I am excited to read your blog!!! Your header looks amazing! I love your sweet family! So am I right that you haven't blogged since New Years? I have checked a few times and not seen anything until now!!


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