Friday, January 27, 2012

Always thinking of her ~

This is not the blog post I had planned for today. I've been trying to get back in blogging mode, but to be quite honest I just haven't felt like writing. It takes me a while after the holidays to get back in the swing of things. My house is finally back in order, and I'm the type that can't do anything creative if there are other things that need to be done first. I do consider my blog to be an aspect of my creative life. I love to pick just the right picture and edit it if need be. I love to pick the right words to get my feelings across and when things are out of order, my creative side hides. :) I'm slowly finding it, so last night when K came in wanting to read a poem she had written I had a funny feeling I might have just stumbled upon my next post.

Her class at school has been talking about and writing poems for the past few weeks, so she sat down and wrote this one last night ~

My dad, my dad I see him everyday.
My dad, my dad I love him everyday.

My mom, my mom I see her everyday.
My mom, my mom I love her everyday.

My brother, my brother I see him everyday.
My brother, my brother I love him everyday.

My sister, my sister I see her in my heart.
My sister, my sister I love her with all my heart.

My heart literally melted as she was reading her sweet poem. I know she could see in my eyes how much I loved it. I scooped her up in a great big hug and told her so; then she asked me, "Do you think Sissy has curly hair or straight hair?" I told her I was pretty sure it was just like hers...


  1. Awwwww...that is so precious! Thanks for sharing! Kinley and her big sis will have a wonderful reunion will all of you!

  2. Thanks Jill! Yes we will; it will be a beautiful day. :)


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