Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart Glitter ~

When I was little I was not a fan of glitter. I was pretty much not a fan of anything girly. I don't really remember playing with dolls or dressing up. My mom tried relentlessly to dress me in ruffles; she was fighting a losing battle. To this day, I would rather be comfortable than foofy. :)

I remember trying out for cheerleader in Middle School. Cheerleading tryouts were more than just doing a cheer in front of the student body and a few judges...oh no, it was an all out campaign. We made postures that read, "Vote for Me," we made little hand-outs that screamed, "Vote for Me." It was a major undertaking and my mom had her glue and glitter ready to go. My postures were pretty darn cool...you remember Care Bears right? Oh yeah, the Care Bears wanted everyone to vote for me. And glitter? You had never seen so much glitter in your life.

Fast forward 25 years...

Last night K and I created a nifty little box to collect her Valentines in...and yes, we busted out the glitter. I actually have two Ball jars filled with several different containers of colored glitter (I never thought I would see the day.) We had glitter everywhere and it was fun!

While we were working on her Valentine box K told me about a little girl in her class whose box was really pretty. She said her aunt had made it for her. I thought about it for a minute and then asked her if it would be more special if she made the box by herself or if I made it for her...she said, "It would be more special if we made it together." And that is why I love that girl so much. She has such a sweet heart.

Happy Valentine's Day ~

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