Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It Ain't All Rainbows and Lollipops ~

I'll start by saying (and this will come as no surprise to anyone) I'm a very inconsistent blogger. Whew...that feels better. So, if you're still reading my blog even though I only post a few times a month I say, "Thank you." I'm one of those weirdies who is constantly writing in my head; sad thing is I'm rarely in a position to write these brilliant thoughts down and a few minutes later...*poof* their gone.

My list of blogs that I follow are growing and I'm fascinated with the bloggers who write everyday. I struggle with whether people really care to know my thoughts on a daily basis and if I really want people to know those thoughts. On the other hand, it's my blog. I'm blogging to get my thoughts down and if someone happens to read it then great! I wonder if other bloggers have these same feelings? I also struggle with thinking every blog post has to be some brilliant life lesson or something cute or sweet my kids have done or said. Quite frankly, I'm not observant enough to catch every life lesson that's thrown my way and my kiddos, however cute they may be, aren't always doing things that are blog worthy. I mean no one really wants to know how many days R is grounded from his XBox or how long it's going to be before K gets to have a friend over. The last thing I want to do is paint an unrealistic picture of my life. I don't want this blog to be only about rainbows and lollipops.

I'm a mom and I struggle. There. I said it. I struggle with whether my kids are eating healthy enough. I struggle with whether I'm teaching them to love others. I struggle with whether I'm living my life in a way that they see Jesus in me. I struggle...I could go on and on and on.

This morning was tough. And I mean a "if anything could go wrong it will" kinda tough morning. We left the house 3 minutes before the tardy bell was set to ring and we live 10 minutes from school. I'll let you do the math. :) We usually pull up to the school with at least one minute to spare; not this morning. The kids were dropped of with instructions to go straight to the office for a little blue slip.

There are some mornings we talk all the way to school. I love taking advantage of those minutes in the car with the kids. Some mornings we just crank the radio and sing all the way (well, K and I sing. R thinks that's goofy.) Then there are some mornings that I say a little prayer and hope God gives me the words to make things all better.

My words this morning ~ "I think we need to put things in perspective here. Yes, your strap is broken on your lunch box. Yes, your zipper broke on your jacket. And yes, your cup fell out of your backpack, crashed to the ground, busted open and spilled out everywhere. (Yes, all this happened while we were trying to get out the door this morning.) All of these things have resulted in a terrible morning, but I know a couple of kids who are having to live by themselves, do their own laundry and fix their own meals because their mom and dad are many miles away while their mom fights for her life while battling leukemia."

It's hard for adults to put themselves in the shoes of others, how do I expect my kids to do that? I don't know, but I do know it's super important for them to learn that even though little things might happen throughout our days that inconvenience us, we have to keep it all in perspective and realize that we can't get all worked up over the little things.


  1. Wow! I needed to read this! She has been on my mind so much lately.

    You keep writing when you get the chance!!! It always makes me smile. I love all your thoughts!! And it helps to know we all struggle with a lot of the same things.

    Love u girl!!


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