Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread House Perfection

2005 Gingerbread House

I've never been one to believe in evolution, but when thinking back on the past 5 years there has definitely been a process of evolution when it comes to our gingerbread house creations. The first gingerbread house we created R was three and I was determined the house was going to look exactly like the one on the box. This resulted in mommy doing all the work and my pre-schooler watching the self-proclaimed master gingerbread house decorator at work. Over the last several years I've tried my best to let the kids take on that roll, but all of you type A personalities out there know how hard that is. Well, I was determined that this would be the "year of the perfect gingerbread house" and when I announced to the kiddos that they would be doing it all from assembly to decoration they jumped up and down as if I had just announced a trip to Disney Land.

Precious little hands at work

A few hours later the kids (with a little help from their wanna-be cake decorator mom) had created a very lovely little village. The pictures I captured tell a story of evolution ~ evolution of a mom who realized that the real beauty is in watching little hands create the

~ Perfect Gingerbread House ~

Merry Christmas!

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