Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jump with me Mommy...

This is a question I hear about 50 times a day and about half the time I give into the request. Everytime I hear her sweet little voice say those four little words I'm taken back a few years to when her older brother was a toddler and would say, "Pay toys wiff me momma, pay toys." There's no way to pin point the last time he uttered those words, and that fact alone is what has made me so conscious of his sister's efforts to get me on the trampoline. I know all too soon jumping with their mom will be the last thing they want to do. Yesterday was December 15th and 80 degrees outside so when she asked me to jump with her it almost felt criminal to even consider saying "no." In the summer we take advantage of the warm weather and know we can pass on spending every minute outside because one beautiful day follows the next, but now in the middle of winter we must spend as much time outside knowing tomorrow may bring a freezing wind and snow flurries.

Not only do we have a blast jumping, we play games like Crack the Egg, Dead Man Dead Man Come Alive and ever so often the tickle monster shows up and might even give a wedgie or two. There's nothing better than the sound of my kiddos laughing...oh yes there is, the sound of us all laughing together. I had Bub take my picture jumping on the trampoline on my 37th birthday; I think the 'jumpoline' as he used to call it, is the perfect tool to help keep you feeling young and alive. Those of you moms out there who think your too old to jump ~ try it. I promise you'll be feeling like a kid again in no time. And the next time I hear the words, "Jump with me Mommy," I'll set aside all that seems too important and race them to the trampoline. You never know it could be the last time those words are spoken ~

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