Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little Red ~

Day 2 of my month long photo project ~ the subject...our Elf on a Shelf; Little Red. I swore when I first found out about this idea of an elf coming in from the North Pole to spy on my children and then report back to Santa, I would not fall prey to another marketing ploy to get me to go out and spend money. Fast forward about 5 years and what did the brilliant marketing people do? That's right. They made a movie about this cute little elf. We watched the movie and then the next day (and I'm not kidding, it was the very next day) I found myself shelling out the dough for this little guy.

I will admit it's been fun. Little Red has been a very simple addition to our family traditions. He's a low key elf and pretty much just relocates himself every night without much fanfare. He doesn't get into mischief and could care less about making flour angels or spelling out names with Cheerios like I've seen some of his fellow elf friends doing online. He simply does his job. And by doing his job I mean just his presence in the house has worked wonders in getting K out of bed every morning. There have been a few times he has forgotten to find a new hiding spot, but somehow manages to move before the kids wake up. It really is amazing. ;)

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