Monday, May 30, 2011

So Thankful for our Freedom ~

On this Memorial Day I am so thankful for all the freedoms that I, more often than not, take for granted. I do not come from a military family and although I can name several extended family members who fought for our freedom, I've not been close to anyone who has served in recent wars. I have a cousin who is a Marine and another who is getting ready to start his career as a Marine and I couldn't be prouder of these two young men who find it important, deep down in their being, to fight for our country.

We were on our way home (almost home actually) when I realized I had forgotten to go by the cleaners, so I whipped around and drove the 9 miles back only to realize they were closed in celebration of Memorial Day. I knew this because I had read the sign when I was there last week, yet I was still slightly annoyed that I had wasted my time and gas (which is not cheap these days.) I grumbled for a few blocks and then I came upon a section of the road that was lined with U.S. was beautiful. I decided to whip into the bank's parking lot and snap this picture with my iPhone. All day long we had been griping about the wind. In fact, I think I woke up in a slightly grumpy mood this morning because the wind was already blowing, but because of the wind I captured the beauty of this flag in all it's glory. Because of this picture I've been counting my blessings; thankful I can drive to the cleaners only to find it's closed, thankful I can snap a picture of our country's colors flowing in the wind, thankful for the two young men who share parts of my history that are willing to risk their futures ~ thankful for too many things to count...

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