Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Love ~

We have been going ninety to nothin' this week. I'm exhausted, so what do I do? Clean out a closet of course.

Technically this is a linen closet, but when we moved in, the logical thing to do was turn it into the game, puzzle and book closet. It's been driving me batty for a while now. Whenever someone (including me) grabs a book or game out of there, it always gets crammed back in ~ no rhyme or reason. K has had a pile of books in the floor of her room forever that has needed to be dealt with. So while I tackled the closet she started organizing her room. Little did I know where this little project was going to take me...

That's right ~ right down memory lane. When I picked up "Big Truck and Little Truck" I got a lump in my throat. This was one of mine and R's favorite books when he was two. It's a precious story about well, a big truck and little truck. The illustrations are beautiful...tear. Then I came across "Cars and Trucks and Things that Go." This was by far R's favorite. My good friend Audrey gave it to him on his first birthday. I bet we read it a thousand times. He learned his colors by reading "What Makes a Rainbow." I remember my friend Krista telling me it was fun to insert our kids names into the stories we read, so I did. I can still hear myself reading..."What makes a rainbow?" asks Little R. "Well, let's see," says Mama Rabbit. "What makes a rainbow?" Such sweet memories...

Then I came across K's favorites. She's always been a texture girl and loved "Millie Moo" with all the crazy pictures and fun textures. She could recite "Eight Silly Monkeys" by heart. I can still hear her sweet little two year old self reading along with me. "Ten Little Ladybugs" was a fun story. Once she had it memorized she would mix it up and say the wrong insect on the wrong page and then bust out laughing. She's always been able to crack herself up. And then there's "The Foot Book." This one is fairly new to our library. She picked it out at B&N about half way through first grade and read it nonstop for weeks. It helped her feel very successful in her new adventure called reading.

"Just In Case You Ever Wonder" should be in every parents library. Just my opinion. K loves "Click, Clack Moo" and a little book she calls "Stripe Girl." It's about a girl who is always trying to please other people and is afraid that if everyone knows she likes lima beans they will make fun of her. It's a great story about being yourself and the illustrations are amazing.

The Wimpy Kid books were R's first "favorites" as an independent reader. I admit they're not literary genius, but they are super fun to read. Way to go Jeff Kinney!

And here it weakness. I love "The Berenstain Bears." If I come across one we don't have, I buy it. Well, I used to. Sadly, R & K have about outgrown these adorable little books. This one where the bears go to the dentist was K's favorite which is pretty ironic since her first experience having to go to the dentist was slightly traumatic (for all of us.) I counted. We have 41 Bears books. I can't bring myself to put them in storage yet, so for now they will stay safe and sound in the top drawer of the book closet.

And here it is...all nice and neat for now. It won't look like this for long and that's ok; that just means books are being read and games are being played.

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