Monday, June 11, 2012

It's the Love that's in it ~

So as I sit here typing this, my house is extremely quiet; the only sounds are the air conditioner and the fridge. Oh and the sound of my spoon clanking on the side of the bowl of homemade ice cream I am eating. We had friends over last night for burgers, brownies and homemade ice cream. After an hour long search for our ice cream freezer, I made a trip to WallyWorld to buy one. For the life of me I have no idea where that freezer is. I'm pretty sure last night was my first time to make ice cream in about five or six years. Anyway, I was skeptical but it turned out pretty good and over homemade brownies...yummo! There is a reason I don't make ice cream. You got it ~ I have zero self control when it's in my house.

My mom and her sister came over today and we sat up "T's Beauty Shop." My mom is a licensed beautician and worked her fingers to the bone to put my dad through college. She worked until I was about four and then became a stay-at-home mom. When I was in high school she instructed me on how to give her a perm and haircut. I must say I'm pretty good and if need be, I could probably go to cosmetology school and make a go of it. Everyone might end up looking like my mom but oh well. :)

The kiddos decided they wanted to go back to the farm with Nana today, so we loaded up the Tahoe (and I do mean loaded up ~ K has to take everything but the kitchen sink with her when she goes places. I'm sure if she owned an American Girl Doll sink, she would have taken it.)

These are just the toys she took; their suitcase is up front. She comes by it honestly though. My mom does not travel light and is a master at packing the car. We used to travel to my grandparents' house for Christmas on Christmas Eve and my mom somehow managed to pack all the luggage and gifts in the trunk of our old blue Buick. I'm still not sure how she pulled that off; Christmas magic I guess.

So as we were loading up the Tahoe, K was telling me how she hoped Nana would make spaghetti while they were there. My mom makes the BEST spaghetti sauce ever and the kids love it. I think she could feed them that spaghetti for every meal and they would be happy. I told her I thought she was planning on making spaghetti while they were there. K said, "I wonder what she puts in it that makes it so good. I bet she uses a special ingredient." I said, "I bet you're right and you know what I think that ingredient is?" Without skipping a beat she said, "Love, because love makes everything special."

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