Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wellness Wednesday ~

Dun Da Da! Here it is ~ the post you've all been anxiously awaiting ~ my first official weekly post. Don't let the title fool ya. I'm not going to sit here and try to tell you that everything you're doing is bad and everything I'm doing is right. I just want to share with you what is working for me and if you want to try it, then great!

I feel like I've been on this journey my entire life. I've always (and when I say always I mean since I started running Summer Track when I was 5) been involved in sports in some fashion and even in my adult years have stayed pretty active. So that's nothing new. What is new, or what has been evolving over the last 7 years, is my interest in how nutrition plays a part in our health and how cleaning up the toxins in our home environment can keep us well.

I will not get all scientific on this blog...can you say boring? With the crazy amount of info you can find on the web, I encourage all you guys to do a little research and learn for yourselves. After all, we have to be our own advocates when it comes to our health. What I will do is point you in different directions, share recipes I have found on some pretty cool blogs and let you know when I come across a really great product or mind-blowing information.

If you are all still awake, I would love to share a fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe. What!?! Yes, you read that right. Chocolate Chip Cookies! So the other day I was checking my email and came across the weekly recap message from one of my favorite blogs (I sometimes think that the woman who writes this blog and I were separated at birth, anyway.) The blog is called Wellness Mama and you can find her along with her cookie recipe here. 

This may sound crazy, but I was so excited about this recipe and soon found myself hoping, wishing and praying that this recipe would find me at the end of my cookie quest. I can not tell you how many recipes I have tried; how many dollars worth of ingredients I have wasted in search of THE cookie recipe. Well, the search is over. (I have Survivor's song 'The Search is Over' in my head right now. Weren't the 80's the best? If you've never heard that song, you should look it up.)

I followed her recipe precisely and they turned out perfect. The best part and what puts them on my healthy list is that they are gluten free and I'm not just talking gluten free like the junk you find at the grocery store. I'm talking 'made with almond flour gluten free.' Most gluten free products you find at the grocery store are made with white rice flour and white potato flour. These products are still high on the glycemic index and will spike your blood sugar super fast, so read your labels. It is my humble opinion that everyone has a sensitivity to wheat gluten and would benefit by cutting it out of their diet, but we all need to be careful of what we replace our wheat products with. If you have a health issue, just for fun cut gluten out of your diet for a month and see what happens.

A beautiful stack of chocolate chip cookie yumminess

 Don't they look like real cookies? It's because they are real and they are really delicious! As a side note, they do contain real sugar which I admit is not healthy at all, but I feel like if I can treat my family with a great homemade cookie that they love and is also wheat free then I have won a small victory in this battle for our health that I seem to be facing everyday.

I hope you check out the Wellness Mama blog  and try the cookie recipe. You're going to love it, I promise!

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