Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything ~

The kids and I went to church with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law this morning. It was a wonderful service celebrating the Seniors in their church. I still haven't quite grasped the fact that my niece is graduating...more to come on this in a later post. Once we got home we couldn't pass up spending the day outside. It. Was. Perfect. Overcast and about 75 degrees; in my opinion it doesn't get much better.

Relaxing on the trampoline.

Meet Bitsy or Little Bit (depending on who you ask.) She became the newest member of our family back in January. Big R and I can't quite agree on her name. Apparently Bitsy isn't a name that my farmer can say and still feel masculine. Anywho, she's a sweetie with fur as soft as velvet, just don't cross her while she's eating a rabbit, or bird, or mouse. Trust me on this one.

You all remember Sam ~ isn't he a handsome fella? I took the brush to him today and brushed and brushed and brushed. I could probably still be brushing but my arm got tired. He is hands down the fluffiest dog ever. That said, the ticks love him. Sam is Tick Hilton these days. We've taken numerous measures to rid our pets and our yard of these disgusting pests, but we are still taking ticks off him on a daily basis. Now that Big R is busy planting the tick removing torch has been passed to me. Yes, I just scratched my head. I have really had to suck it up and be a big girl these last few days. I must say though, I've gotten pretty good at tick extraction.

Cocking the BB gun for a little target practice after sneaking out of the house with Brother's gun. She's determined to prove she is capable of handling a firearm. 

Several weeks ago K came home telling me about this really neat little craft she had come up with on the playground. We were eating supper and I asked the kids to tell me one nice thing they had done for someone that day; without skipping a beat K starts telling me about this wildflower bouquet bundled together with a leaf and wrapped with a stem (I'm paraphrasing of course.) She told us that she had made one and given it to her teacher. Very sweet. A few days later I go in to pick her up and see several little girls walking out with these little wild flower bouquets. She was so proud when she told me she had taught them all how to make them. Fast forward a few weeks to the day of the Teacher Appreciation Dinner. Miss S, our secretary at school, takes me into her office and shows me the cutest little vase holding a withered bouquet. She told me that K had given her one of her creations, she had kept them watered and they stayed alive and made her smile for several days. So, today when K came in with her little dandelion bundle she showed me how she makes them. I said, "K, do you know what this means?" She said, "Yes, I'm a crafter." I love this! I love that she's using her noggin to make beautiful things out of the simplest of supplies. I love that she's sharing her craft with others because she has a giving heart.

I know this thought is totally overused, but this kid is growing up way too fast. The last few times his daddy has mowed the yard, R has been right there taking it all in. Under supervision, he has made a few rounds. Well, today I decided we would surprise Big R and mow the yard. Once we got past my backing the thing out of the garage and running over the dog food container, R did a great job. He mowed the entire yard all by himself including emptying the bags (which is my least favorite part.) When he was finished with the yard, he took the mower out to the air compressor and blew it out just like his Daddy does. Proud of this kid!

I love our yard. It's big and shady and thanks to the recent rains, it's green and looks so pretty right after it's mowed. Here's to an amazing summer and many more beautiful Sundays...

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