Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I had the honor of singing a very special song at church on Sunday morning. I still remember where I was the first time I heard it. I was about 7 months pregnant with R, standing in my bathroom getting ready for the day and listening to Family Life Radio. I knew as soon as I heard the words to “Hold Onto Jesus” it would be a song that would become a lifelong prayer to my children. Since that day, I have performed the song on a few special occasions; two of which being when R & K were baptized as infants. Over the years my babies have fallen asleep to the words of this song being sung to them by their mommy. I pray the message of this song follows them throughout their lives.

Hold Onto Jesus
You’re a little piece of Heaven, you’re a golden ray of light
and I wish I could protect you from the worries of this life,
but if there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s no matter what you do ~
hold to Jesus, He’s holding on to you.
The world will try to tell you that might is more than right
and beauty’s on the outside and being good’s a losing fight,
but remember what I’ve told you ‘cause the world will make you chose.
Hold to Jesus, He’s holding onto you.

Hold onto Jesus, and cling to His love.
Rest deep in His mercy whenever things get rough.
Don’t lose sight of His goodness
and don’t ever doubt this truth:
That when you hold onto Jesus,
He’s holding on to you.

Hear me dear Jesus
rock these little ones to sleep.
Keep them close when they’re scared,
give them grace when they are weak.
I know they’ll stumble, but I know they’ll make it through
if you hold on to them just like you said you’d do.
Hold them Jesus, so they’ll hold on tight to You.


  1. I loved hearing this song....especially with your beautiful voice!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  2. Thank you Jill! I hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful summer!


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