Monday, July 16, 2012

Shaking Hands ~

I'm not sure if this is human nature in general or just my neurotic personality, but I guess I just expect my kids to be like me, think like me, do things the way I want them done, etc. It is a struggle for my type A personality to just step aside and let them be the unique people God has created them to be. Take R's string art project he's working on...I don't know how many times I have walked by him as he's working and tried to get him to do it my way; because my way is best right? I have said out loud, "Ok, it's your project. Do it your way. It will be awesome," and walked away at least 5 times over the last few days. And you know what? It is awesome! He's worked diligently on this project and I'm proud of him. He's even working on one to give as a gift right now.

I've talked in the past about how I'm an introvert, but what I haven't revealed is that I've always felt really uncomfortable in situations that I have to take the initiative to be friendly. This sounds terrible. I really am a friendly person;, I'm just more comfortable when people come to me and make the effort first. So you can imagine that my least favorite part of the church service on Sunday mornings is, of course, the part where we have to mingle around, hug necks and shake hands. Yesterday morning we were settling in to our usual spot about the time our preacher is encouraging everyone to greet one another...K had already grabbed her colors and notebook and was getting ready to create another masterpiece when all of a sudden she hands me all her stuff and says (rather urgently,) "Here Mom, I have to go shake hands." And with that she was off and I was left holding her crayons, mouth open, totally amazed by her. I've said all along that she is a social butterfly, but this was different for some reason. I'm a social person. I like to be around people. But she has no fear when it comes to walking into a crowd. She's not afraid to walk up to her Sunday school teacher and give her a hug. She'll walk across the entire church to say hi to someone.

Ever since I realized we had been blessed with not one but two strong willed children, I have been telling myself that these personality traits will be a good thing in the future. As tough as it is to parent a strong willed child, I know that as adults, these traits will serve them well. I'm hoping for leaders, not followers. I'm hoping for do-ers, not just be-ers. And I'm hoping for children who will inspire others to be better versions of themselves, just as K did for me yesterday when I put the crayons down and went to shake some hands...

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