Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Pictures I Promised and Another Success in the Kitchen ~

I've decided that everyday needs to be dress-up day. Yes, I have totally reversed my attitude since yesterday. Nothing gets my kids up and going in the morning faster that a good dress-up day and who knew my 5th grader would get into this whole spirit week. I'm glad. Sometimes he's a little too serious. A little too worried about what other people think. It's good to let loose and dress like an old person every once in a while. :) R dressed like Pappy today. This is a compliment and an insult all at the same time. On the one hand he thinks enough of his Pappy to want to dress like him, on the other hand he's saying Pappy's old...sorry Dad.

My dad wears a fishing hat every day of his life even though he doesn't fish, wears boots and glasses and always carries a pen in his pocket. K told R he needs to walk around with a book today because Pappy likes to read. :)

K looked precious as an old person complete with horned rimmed glasses, pearls, a shawl, a bun sprayed gray and her great great granddad's cane. I think my mom was a little nervous letting us borrow it, but I promised it would be returned safe and sound.

This picture makes me smile...

A chip off the old block. They really are alot alike.

Ok, so let's change the subject. If you've read many of my posts, you know I'm a bit of a health nut. I'm always on a quest to find a healthier version of foods my kids love. Well, several weeks ago I placed an order with a gluten free baking company called White Lion Baking Co. I ordered their cookie sampler pack, a pumpkin muffin mix which I haven't tried yet and the biscuit mix I made this morning. I woke up this morning knowing it would be hectic what with all the putting together a Pappy costume at the last minute and all. I had every intention of popping some canned biscuits in the oven and calling it good. But you know what I did? I read the ingredients on the label of biscuits on my way to the oven, did a 180 and went to plan B. This is somewhat of a curse, but knowing what I know I cannot in good conscience feed my children crap anymore. Some days they hate me for this, but I can't help it. I went to the fridge grabbed the biscuit mix from White Lion and made homemade biscuits, bacon and eggs for breakfast. Here's where it gets good...the kids loved them. R ate three of them with honey.

I'm pretty sure I can duplicate the mix because all that's in there is almond flour and baking soda. I'll be working on my own version of this biscuit and will share it soon!

Oh, and tomorrow's Hero Day...K wants to be her daddy (I love that) and R said jokingly that he wanted to be Spiderman. :) Whatever he decides, you can bet I'll be posting pics.

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